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Date Event Subassociation
5-6-2022 Zaad van Satan Auletes
5-3-2015 FFnaarClassic  
22-4-2013–16-5-2013 Workshop ensemblespel voor gitaristen  
16-3-2013 Carmina Burana Auletes
4-3-2013–22-4-2013 Solistenconcours  
1-3-2012 3TU.Concert Auletes
21-12-2010 Serious Concert Auletes
28-11-2010 Vertigo Concerto Auletes, Ensuite
12-7-2010–18-7-2010 Klippertournee  
6-3-2010* Dancing on the G-string Ensuite, Sambuca
11-12-2009–13-12-2009 drieTUconcerten Auletes
18-4-2009 Divinity Auletes
7-3-2009 Peer Gynt Ensuite
19-4-2008 sQratch Vokollage, Ensuite
16-11-2007 Queen Symphony Auletes, Vokollage
14-5-2006 Carmina Burana (flash) Auletes, Vokollage
25-3-2006 Saturday, in a jazzy mood Ensuite
21/22-12-2005 A “Swinkling” Christmas Auletes
9-4-2005 Guns or Roses Auletes
15/16-5-2004 Lord of the Rings and the Dance Auletes
12-4-2003 Cinema Classics Auletes
12-4-2003 Cinema Classics (oude site) Auletes
13-4-2002 Musical Memories Auletes
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*Op de website staat 2009 maar dat moet volgens mij 2010 zijn.

Muziek op de Dommel

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The former members area in the main website contains stuff like Presstos and GMM documents. The archived version of this is stored in SharePoint, or ask me.


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